First Time Hard Fuck Porn

1. Loose Cannon Lyrics

Loose Cannon Lyrics

This is the way Reprogrammed This is the way Unload This is the way Play my drum This is the stick Download This is the day Tale orders This is the life Don't comply This is the end of nations' border

2. Ginger Lyrics

Ginger Lyrics

Something infests me when I'm alone It's lunacy I want to vomit, spit out my life So queer it seems Retract your reverence and slander me I'm the traitor of mine A close-up picture of my lost chastity

3. Skin (Binary 2002) Lyrics

Skin (Binary 2002) Lyrics

I decide Never to play with truth again I reveal Never to be so cruel again A noble game you played with me You bound my heart and set me free You bound my feet and let me go And I don't know We are

5. Sleeping Sun Lyrics

Sleeping Sun Lyrics

The sun is sleeping quietly Once upon a century Wistful oceans calm and red Ardent caresses laid to rest For my dreams I hold my life For wishes I behold my night The truth at the end of time Losing

6. Behind the Walls of Her Desire Lyrics

Behind the Walls of Her Desire Lyrics

Grey painted clouds usher in The dawn of a new day Lighted a shade floating in sin A shade that follows one way Tidings echo through the streets When minstrels prefer silence An echo calling from the

7. Bullet Lyrics

Bullet Lyrics

Time is like a bullet from behind I run for cover just like you Time is like a liquid in my hands I swim for dry land just like you Time is like a blanket on my face I try to be here just like you Ti

8. Killhoney Lyrics

Killhoney Lyrics

Killing honesty, keep on selling lies. On another day you will blow my mind. You break me. When this feeling hurts like a burning flame. Just like everytime, like a hurricane. You save me. I, I have

9. Tears on Tape Lyrics

Tears on Tape Lyrics

Church bells toll Thunder roars around me I’ve been warned to prepare myself for the fall I’m armed to the teeth with tender pain Of all yesterdays Tears on tape I will follow into your heart Sk

10. Breathe Underwater Lyrics

Breathe Underwater Lyrics

Here comes another fall from grace, I'm always falling on my face. This attitude that I embrace, With a love I'm trying to replace. Try to kill this song, 'Cause the melody's all wrong. And there's a

11. Machine (VNV Nation remix) Lyrics

Machine (VNV Nation remix) Lyrics

Look up here Look down there I am the new man I'm tangled in wires Chipset adept Memory load Keep your vogue code that all have Tomorrow's world we've all seen Keep your modern ways And keep your bugs

12. Suddenly Lyrics

Suddenly Lyrics

I don't give a fuck What you say I don't want to hear no lies From you today You wonder why you stand All alone Bu mayby you just reap What you've sown And suddenly… You find you're in so deep The

13. S.O.S. (Anything but Love) (feat. Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil) Lyrics

S.O.S. (Anything but Love) (feat. Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil) Lyrics

Bound to your side, I’m trapped in silence, Just a possession. Is this sex or only violence That feeds your obsession ? You send me to a broken state Where I can take the pain just long enough. Th

14. Lips Lyrics

Lips Lyrics

You are the one Who understands You are the one Who takes my breath Be the licking of my wounds I'm bloodless when you leave me alone I stand here like a hopeless fool And never ever I will be The o

15. Motherzone Lyrics

Motherzone Lyrics

Oh, human doll - you know I am the one Now, broken doll... Now all ethics gone Because I'm the shelter and the knife, The infernal tramp and the lies And I'm inside you deep, The greatest tear when y

16. Make a Star Lyrics

Make a Star Lyrics

Cannot stop - creeping inside my bones never stop - even when sorrow grows i don't mind - that's something to die for and it's mine - I'm asking asking for this Living forevermore cause I do wanna be

17. Dead Stars (club version) Lyrics

Dead Stars (club version) Lyrics

(Eins, zwei, drei, vier) We find our songs In fashion magazines We read the story In the morning paper I touch their hearts And they touch my skin I'm on your screen And you are just so wide Put us

18. Louise (live) Lyrics

Louise (live) Lyrics

Louise, it seemed a long time ago Louise, I'll always remember that day I crawled on my knees Begging you to stay You made me shiver, Louise You made me quiver Now, I do the strangest things I think

19. Symphony of Pain Lyrics

Symphony of Pain Lyrics

Rising high and falling deep Reduce me to despair Srowning in your sea of sweet demand Feed me when I beg for more Bale is in the air Blink at me and I'm at your command Whatever you may say Whatever

20. Tears of the Night Lyrics

Tears of the Night Lyrics

They turn up at night, come from inside, avoid the light Just a nightmare you said, this is no dream, no i'm not mad All i had known like in this song a lonely tone Sing sweet lullabies, to me it soun