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2. Intersections Lyrics

Intersections Lyrics

These trials A shadow of what we've been through The memories of our lives A promise to work together A vow to make things right Waiting for this moment to break free forever Without a fear or a

4. Innocent Lyrics

Innocent Lyrics

[R. Hubert, R. Hubert] Wading through the oceans of minced dreams while they puke some little pieces of surreal truth to feed the stupid crowd The endless kiss of him that made them proud so the rigi

5. Your Antique Organ Lyrics

Your Antique Organ Lyrics

Inside the programmed tones of your antique organ where I barely made a sound I heard you shine for the first You made the settings push and pull You created the future and the fool while I played in

6. Contractual Obligation Lyrics

Contractual Obligation Lyrics

The look of your name is such an eyesore. Who in their right mind would want to look like that! A cult of deception brain wash the kids more, its all the rage while I race to expose the rat? These con

7. No Amount of Sound Lyrics

No Amount of Sound Lyrics

Footsteps, they followed mother's death They followed suit and peeled the paint off the walls Behind a metal desk inside a modern mausoleum you have found your calling, calling for fall No amount of

8. Obsessive Compulsive Distraction Lyrics

Obsessive Compulsive Distraction Lyrics

I can't seem to begin to breathe I'm always talking but I can't seem articulate a thing A stack of stories and my pattern's repeating I mind you for losing I could use a drink I'm thinking simple but

9. A Pair of Matching Taxi Rides Lyrics

A Pair of Matching Taxi Rides Lyrics

Left behind, her story's on the sidewalk it's a brief goodbye An address in your hand Notice me I'm kicking rocks toward loneliness Begrudgingly packing up our things You're leaving on a morning fligh

10. The Shaking of Leaves Lyrics

The Shaking of Leaves Lyrics

Late this afternoon I heard your voice It was the first time in what felt like years It was a whisper in my ears and then the wind in the trees It was the shaking of leaves that shook the streets whil

11. Upstate Blues Lyrics

Upstate Blues Lyrics

I think you've had enough to handle And I can see it in your smile It's become a function of her fashion As if satisfaction's going out of style It's just a blessing of reception And I see sorrow in

12. Favor & Fiction Lyrics

Favor & Fiction Lyrics

Measuring miles stretching arms across the floor It makes you wonder what you need all that carpet for Leaving the patterns of your evenings beneath your feet Existing on repeat Face to the glass from

13. Spatial Exploration Lyrics

Spatial Exploration Lyrics

So this is where you've been? A colonial apartment? A white picket fence? You know, I pictured you determining success behind a diamond ring But wedlock made you settle, kept you running from the trut

14. Spinning Thread Lyrics

Spinning Thread Lyrics

Talk about something new, I'm goddamn desperate, I'm fucking begging you In a test of recorded afternoons, you've changed to an "A" for effort beside the city train Just spinning wheels spinning threa

15. New North-Side Air Lyrics

New North-Side Air Lyrics

I laid down last year, traded tobacco for new North-side air and filled up my lungs with our home. Here I go again. That's my problem with fear, always tossing and turning. Hung up on aging but lettin

16. A Curse Worth Believing Lyrics

A Curse Worth Believing Lyrics

Carol, we're fast approaching December At least try to behave yourself through the winter As you haunt the open space where you will sleep Suddenly it was as if you heard me speaking You gave up and

17. Holy Ground Lyrics

Holy Ground Lyrics

To see with the eyes of a lover To see in the way a lover sees see with my heart To see with the eyes of a lover To see in the way a lover sees Deeper than even the loved can see Now it's not just bu

18. Keep On Driving Lyrics

Keep On Driving Lyrics

Keep on driving, you're almost there You can smell the sea salt in the air Keep on singing those beautiful songs They will keep you company when the ride gets long There may be nobody there when you

19. What Love Is This Lyrics

What Love Is This Lyrics

How long? How long to wait when my heart's ready to break? How long? How long to stand when I don't know who I am? Would you be my lover if I had no love And no beauty to speak of? Would you still be

20. One Lyrics

One Lyrics

Even though we're together to love like now *One, come back to me, Two, hold my hand Three, put your arms around my shoulders, Four, whisper your love Five, come closer, Six, kiss me in secret Seven,