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Sony NEX-F3 Review: The Competition Killer

With companies like Panasonic, Olympus, Nikon and Canon entering into a competition in this class of mirrorless cameras, Sony surely seems to have gotten a lot serious this time around. The Sony NEX-F3 is a hard-core answer by Sony to provide stiff competition to other mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in the market. Sony has additionally taken greater care that Sony NEX-F3 is very user friendly and anyone without any camera using training can use this camera with perfect ease. Now let us see the Sony NEX-F3 Review.

SONY NEX-F3 Body & Design

The Sony NEX-F3 is made of plastic mainly. But that said, the camera is pretty well set and is sturdy enough to stand minor jerks and falls. Do not try the extreme stuff on it but. It is very easy to hold except when an external lens is connected. But that is fine. It is pretty compact and measures only 124X70X42mm (LXHXW). The best part is that it has an inbuilt flash which is pretty strong, so you do not need to carry an external flash.

Operation & Control

The Sony NEX-F3 is very easy to operate. It is more of a menu driven usage, so the physical buttons are actually pretty less. There are only photo, video, gallery control and similar physical buttons. The rest of the camera accessibility is through the touchscreen present. The camera has a manual flash operation as per requirement which slides in which makes this camera the most compact and easy to operate and control. Its 3 inch LCD panel with capacitive touchscreen that tilts 180 degrees forms a big part of the operability of the camera.

NEX-F3 Performance highlight

The performance of the Sony NEX-F3 is truly amazing. The camera is a 16.1 MP and starts up in about 1.3 seconds. It has a quick autofocus that focuses in less than 1 sec, then whatever the conditions might be. The camera has a CMOS censor and it is loaded with the best autofocus software of all the cameras available in the market. It is also loaded with the best of class face recognition software as well. This makes sure that you always capture the best smiles and miss nothing at all.

The shutter speed of the Sony NEX-F3 is remarkable. The shutter speed ranges from 30 seconds upto 1/4000 second. This makes sure that your images are always clear and shake free even when the photos are captured on the move. The camera is capable of capturing high resolution images and videos. The flash also is pretty strong, enough to turn a dark room into completely bright one as if it was day time.

Positioning with their NEX Series (NEX-5R, NEX-6 and NEX-7)

The Sony NEX-F3 is brought out by Sony as more of a new face and some better features to the old NEX series, but it still remains as a part of the NEX series and is not a competition killer for the rest of the cameras in the series like the NEX-5R, NEX-6 and the NEX-7. Some additions to the NEX-3F from the NEX-5R include an in-built flash, a 180 degrees flipping screen, a greater battery life and many more. Plus it is cheaper than the other cameras in the series.

Sony had a plan in mind to provide a camera cheap enough with all the great features available in it. This allows almost all those who cannot afford the other higher range cameras to own a camera like this and still not miss out on anything in terms of features and quality.

It means that that user can himself see the pictures that are being taken if need be. Also the entire operating and customization tools of the camera are through the touchscreen. The physical keys provided are very less, thus reducing the size and making the camera more compact. Also the camera is loaded with the best autofocus and face recognition software which is absent in the older models.


Hence, with 16.1 MP camera, autofocus, clear zoom, 3 inch capacitive LCD touchscreen, the Sony NEX-F3 is really a wonder. You can get an unmatched deal worth $498 (Special offer, 31 Dec 2012)which is totally worth the money that you spend on this camera. This is maybe one of the best mirrorless camera available in the market so far. So if you are a camera buff, the Sony NEX-F3 is a very good option to consider and even buy it off as well. This was the Sony NEX-F3 review. Hopefully it helps you but a good camera you like.

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